Roster Module Documentation

Upload the "roster" directory to your Modules directory: 


There are two parts to this module, the Roster and Seasons. Seasons allow you to keep historical seasons inside the system. A season needs to be associated with a folder from the Core Files module.  The reason for this is so each season can have a separate place for images. This way when someone resturns the following season images won't get confused with those from previous seasons. After the season folders have been added you can go to the Roster Module and add your first season. 

Add Season:



View the Season List: 



Now it's time to add Members to the Roster:



After adding the roster you can see the list with searching here: 


After all members have been added you can change the way they are sorted on the front end by going back to the Seasons section and click "Order". Now drag and drop the rows to the order you wish. Also, make a season current by clicking "Current Season" on the seasons page as well. 

The final product can be viewed here.

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